Kjell Hansson IT Konsult AB is a one-man Consulting Company focusing on application development. The Company is founded by Kjell Hansson. Kjell works as an IT-Consultant out of Stockholm, Sweden.
Application Development
Application Design
Datawarehouse solutions
z/OS Development
Advanced SQL
Java Development
Development on Unix

About Kjell

Kjell Hansson is a senior application developer with a deep understanding of databases and application infrastructure. He has worked extensively as an application developer, DBA and Application solution architect on large data warehouse implementations. Kjell worked for IBM for thirteen years as a consultant and application developer, after leaving IBM he worked as a consultant for a smaller consultant company. Since 2010 he is a self-employed consultant at Kjell Hansson IT konsult AB. Kjell is a fast learner and is known to fast adapt a good understanding of new technologies, solutions and tools. He is also a good teacher with a proven track record of holding different presentations and educations. Kjells technical specialties includes, Application development on z/OS, DB2 including IBM’s DB2 Analytic Accelerator (IDAA), Java development.   Different roles Kjell has had:
  • Application design and architecture
  • Application developer
  • Performance Optimization
  • Technical writer
  • Team leader for application developers
  • DB2 Database administrator
  • Instructor teacher
  • ..